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7 Propaganda Techniques to Sell your NFT Collection

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Are you launching a NFT collection? Or just looking for the next NFT project that will be successful? These 7 propaganda techniques used in marketing may help your NFT take off to the moon!


This marketing style sells the idea that "everyone is doing it" and so should you. In the NFT community, this means leveraging FOMO (fear of missing out). It might mean advertising the number of social media followers, how fast the presale sold out, the number of people at a NFT party or leverages techniques like raffles that limit the quantity but increase the demand for minting or buying a NFT.


This technique means that you list out all the good qualities of the NFT collection and omit any negative qualities. A basic in advertising, this technique might also mean comparing to a well-known collection and claiming why your NFT collection is better. "Faster mint sellout than BAYC" or "CryptoPunks art in 3D."


Testimonials use third parties to talk about the good qualities of the product. In the NFT world, influencers are becoming increasingly popular. A celebrity endorsement for a NFT collection, especially one from a collector like Pranksy or Gary Vee, could make or break a collection. However, disingenuous endorsements that come across as paid or short-lived can also make the project seem superficial. Work to build genuine endorsements that are organic from less-known influencers that can testify to the utility or unique assets of a project. The testimonial should use the credibility of the messenger to sell the NFT for you.


Similar to testimonial, this technique uses association with something good to increase demand for a product. For the marketing world, this is like Coca-Cola associating itself with the positive images of a polar bear or Santa Claus at Christmastime. For NFTs, this might be a celebrity like Snoop Dogg flexing his Bored Ape or a popular NFT project like World of Women doing a collaboration with another upcoming project focused on female creators like Women of Crypto or WomenRise NFTs. This could also be said about the Pepsi Mic Drop collection that leverages both Pepsi's brand and the music industry, or the Adidas Into the Metaverse collection that associates this NFT with the popular clothing brand.

Glittering Generalities

This marketing technique uses language that appeals to broader values like "prosperity" or "freedom" in an abstract way. For NFTs, this means leveraging buzzwords like "utility" (even when the utility is minimal), "inclusivity", or "wealth" often without necessarily backing up those claims. Glittering generalities are best used in short video clips, IG posts or TikToks where the message needs to be simple and clear.


This technique is less-used in the NFT space, but can be leveraged when popular brands point out the negative aspects of another competitor. Name-calling may be used in conjunction with glittering generalities, focusing on the competitor in a negative light while placing the product in a "glittering" light. For example, you might say, "World of Women is a NFT with utility, where CryptoPunks are just a bunch of pixels made on Microsoft Paint."

Everyday Joe

For lower-priced NFTs, this marketing technique might be suitable for you. These campaigns use language that the product is for the "everyday Joe" or can be afforded by everyone. In the NFT space, these focus on building the community as an inclusive place for everyone. They may leverage language about including minorities or women, and focus on making NFTs accessible to newcomers. NFTs that claim that a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will govern their decisions is another way that projects are attempting to make NFTs accessible to the "everyday Joe." This may be different than some other NFT collections that focus on exclusivity, rich parties and wealth-building as their main narrative.

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At createurnft, we are on a journey to create, mint, sell and buy NFTs and are sharing what we learn along the way. This is not financial advice, please take the time to verify our information before making any financial decisions.

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