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Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency and NFTs in Super Bowl LVI

All eyes were on Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford leading their teams to battle it out for the Super Bowl LVI championship in Los Angeles this year. The Super Bowl attracted an audience of sports fans, celebrities, and people just wanting to partake in some social activity as the pandemic dies down, but this year was more than only football. Deemed the CryptoBowl, this year pushed the boundaries to make web 3, cryptocurrency, the metaverse and NFTs part of the new normal.

Cryptocurrency Commercials

Cryptocurrency exchanges made significant appearances in this year's commercials. Probably the most notorious was Coinbase's bouncing QR code reminiscent of late 80's technology. While the marketing team created a memorable ad, the engineers were less than prepared, the app crashing moments after the QR code showed on the big screen. The QR code led to a $3 million sweepstakes in Bitcoin for current members, or $15 of BTC for signing up to the app.

Also making an appearance was an ad by exchange FTX. The main character of the ad, Larry David, shunned all new technology throughout history, from the wheel to the toilet to democracy. The tagline: "Don't be like Larry." eToro and also had ads featured throughout the game.

First NFT in the Superbowl

Most people thought the Bored Ape Yacht Club would make an appearance with Eminem and Snoop Dogg headlining the Pepsi Superbowl Halftime Show. Others speculated the Pepsi MicDrop NFT collection would take center stage (although Snoop Dogg did Tweet about it after the show). Bud Light tried to incorporate NFTs into its commercial by advertising free Noun-inspired glasses with their Bud Light N3XT collection, but the secondary sales on OpenSea were less than half of mint price at time of writing. All of this to say, NFT-lovers were disappointed that they did not make more of an appearance throughout the game.

However, one NFT did manage to make history. We can say that the first true NFT to make an appearance in the Superbowl was Metabillionaire. Brandon Powell from the Los Angeles Rams and Fred Johnson from the Cincinnati Bengals both wore custom-made Metabillionaire t-shirts to represent their love for NFTs before and after the game. Powell even wore custom cleats with the Metabillionaire logo on them, and photos featured him kissing the championship trophy after the big win, with the MB shirt on.

Metabillionaire is a collection of 7,777 NFTs that aims to unite entrepreneurs from all around the world; connecting, learning, growing and giving back with one another.

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At createurnft, we are on a journey to create, mint, sell and buy NFTs and are sharing what we learn along the way. This is not financial advice, please take the time to verify our information before making any financial decisions.

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